Monday, July 03, 2006

Ummm, I May Have Underestimated...

...the sock knitting voodoo powers I possess. Here is exhibit 1: Fortissima 1776. Started 6/25/06. Finished 7/03/06. I stated at the start date that I wouldn't get these done in time for the 4th, it seems I was wrong. I also stated that it would be too hot to wear them anyway, well, I was right about that. 90 degrees and wool socks don't mix. It does seem though that my powers don't extend to being able to match those darn toes. They are identical until I start the toe decreases!! Why is that? It is mind boggling. Ah well, I guess that will always be the imperfection in my sock knitting.
Now it seems I have another set of empty size 1's.... so much yarn to choose from. What will I knit next? Stay tuned.


aija said...

Yay!! Perfect Happy 4th socks... I didn't even notice the toe difference til you mentioned it :)

barbp said...

Found my way here from your comment at Obsessive Compulsive Knitiot blog.

Your socks are very nice. And like Aija, I didn't notice the toe difference until you mentioned it.

Thanks for the link to the mini socks. I'm going to have to try them.

Happy Independence Day

monica said...

See, I told you, you could do it! They turned out great, but was there ever any doubt that they would. Thanks for the internet help, it is bit slower than I am used too, but I am very happy. Take care of my girl!

Rebecca said...

Fireworks! Fireworks! Love those Independence Day socks..great job. Well, you could sure wear them up here in the mtns, especially the fireworks, well-none this year :-( Banned just about everywhere in CO. You did a super job on the socks and I love the yarn.