Saturday, April 28, 2007

With Time To Spare

Added on 5/5/07 at 9:18pm: Monica's birthday socks are done...I will post a picture on my flikr page when she has received them. I'll probably mail her package on Tuesday or Wednesday (her birthday is on Sunday...Mother's Day!!)

I finished my April Socktopia Socks and another pair for the 52 Pair Plunge. Here are the Opal Prisma 1190 knit in the Pennant pattern from More SKS, 66 stitches on size US1 dpn's. Now to finish the orange Trekking and Monica's birthday socks.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

I Had To...

do this to enter a contest. I love entering contests (esp. when sock yarn is involved). I was surfing the net this afternoon at work (business is very slow and Monica has a migraine so we couldn't IM) and came across a new blog (to me) where Carrie is having a contest. You have to start (she didn't say you had to finish it, but I probably will anyway) a springy looking dishcloth. After I fed my family, I pulled out my bin of cotton yarns and found the most springy looking ball I had. This is what I've done so far. I'm using a pattern that is in the 2006 Knitting Pattern A Day Calender. It's starting to pool now with the increase of stitches and I'm almost to the required 43 stitches you have to reach before starting the decreases. That's all I have for now...more later.

Added on at 10:05

No one is more surprised than me... but I finished something that wasn't a sock (see, I can knit other things). I wove in the ends as Grey's was ending. I wonder if I get extra credit for finishing it? Just kidding! I love when triangles become squares!
Back to the socks, I still need to finish one for Socktopia before Tuesday!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Sometimes Two Halves...

Edited on April 23 This just in: A few weeks ago I posted a comment over at Adrienne's blog to enter a contest she was having, and she picked my name out of a jar to win this prize that came today:
2 skeins of the new Panda Cotton. I chose the Seascape colorway over the Rosewater. Isn't it beautiful? I will be knitting the pattern she designed for this yarn, but I think with only 60 stitches (I've already tried it with 66 and it was too big. see how I am. it doesn't even get in the door right and I'm playing with it). It's very soft, but does split very easily. I won't let that deter me. Thank you Adrienne! I love the yarn and I'm going to love knitting your pattern too!
... don't make a whole. As with these two socks. I finished the first of the Trekking "Orange You Glad I Didn't Say Banana" Socktopia sock. Can I say, I love this sock? It fits great, I like the lace pattern (Crosshatch Lace MSKS), and the varying shades of orange are making me happy. Who knew I was wild about orange? Not me!

The second sock of this non-pair pair is also for is for two themes: "Sunshine On My Shoulders" and "Bumble Bees and Butterflies" (more bumble bees than butterflies). I'm using one of the pennant designs from "More Sensational Knitted Socks" (MSKS from now on). I'm knitting this pair in Opal Prisma 1190. So, now I will knit another non-pair pair just like this one (both have been cast on).

I'm almost finished with Monica's first birthday sock (it will be finished today...sometime...later).

Have a great weekend! More later

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Practically Perfect In Every Way...

...I should call these "Mary Poppins" socks. I can't believe how perfectly I got them to match. And yes I did try (as I always do with these self-striping yarns), but sometimes my gauge will change with the second sock, or something freaky (like a break in the yarn) will happen that they don't match exactly...but not this time. As evidence to the fact, I give you exhibit A: Opal Elements with 68 stitches on size US1 dpn's. Ok, so I don't mess up my mojo I'm going to stop talking about them.

I also started this sock knit in Trekking XXL 145. I thought this yarn wanted to be the Monkey sock pattern, but when I finished the gusset decreases I discovered I couldn't get my foot in it, so I ripped it. Started it again using larger needles, but didn't like the fabric I was getting, so rip again. And then I found the Crosshatch Lace pattern in "More Sensational Knitted Socks", I think the yarn likes this pattern (we'll see how it goes). If it works out this will be my April Socktopia sock for the category "Aren't you glad I didn't say banana"(just ignore the yellow you see in the yarn, I'm trying to).
I have also started a new test knit for my sister, and if I do say so myself, it looks very nice (no peeking allowed). Monica saw it this past weekend and she likes it too. And her birthday socks are progressing nicely too, I'm past the gusset decreases on the first sock (no peeks on those either, well not till after May 13th anyway).
I think that is all to report right now. More later!

Monday, April 02, 2007

It's One Pair of Socks....

...but it fills so many KAL's/Groups. 1.) SAM3- April socks done. 2.) 52 Pair Plunge- 1st pair done. 3.) Green Sock KAL- 3rd pair of green socks done. 4.) Favorite Socks KAL- 1st pair done. 5.) Birthday socks for daughter- done.
This is the Retro Rib Sock from "Favorite Socks". I knit them in Cherry Tree Hill- Lime colorway (betcha couldn't guess that, huh?). Mandy likes her feet plain but she is starting to let me knit designs on the legs. These aren't a surprise for her, she picked out the yarn and has seen me knitting them for the past couple of weeks. But I will wrap them and give them to her for her birthday (#17, how did she get so old, didn't I just bring her home?). Oh, well...more later.