Thursday, July 20, 2006

My Summer of Socks

I have just finished my 4th pair of socks for July. And my 15th for the year (but who's counting? Oh, I am). These were fun to knit and look so cool. The colors in the yarn make me very happy. I can't wait for suitable weather to wear them. Here are the particulars:
Yarn: Sisu Fantasy
Stitches: 68
US 1 dpn's
Pattern: 3-1 Rib for the leg and down the foot.
My daughter is upset that they match perfectly. She actually threw them down on the couch when she saw how well the stripes match and said, "you and your matching socks".
WELL! Nothing to get your knickers in a bunch about. IMHO. They are exactly how I like them.
I think I will work on the socks I'm knitting for my sister now (and the stripes will match on those too, BTW). It's hard to concentrate on anything right now. Mandy and a friend (it's a sleepover, which means "no sleep") are upstairs baking chocolate chip cookies and they smell wonderful.
More knitting and sewing soon.


aija said...

I love how they match! :)

monica said...

I love the socks! Hey, guess what... I started on the Pinwheel lastnight, greens and blues :)

Rebecca said...

Nice bright colors! Love them! Everyone seems to be turning out socks at breakneck speed. Everyone, that is, except me!

Shelley said...

Great socks! You know, if you daughter wants socks that don't match, you could always tell her that she can learn to knit and make a pair of socks to her Then she might decide that she likes matching ones ;o) hehehe.

lexa said...

Very pretty - nice summer-colors socks!