Sunday, July 30, 2006

Not Much to Show ...

... but at least it is knitting!! I have restarted the sock I'm knitting for my sister. That extra repeat is going to work just fine (I'm knitting the Chevron pattern from SKS). Another inch or so I'll be to the heel flap. The second sock in the picture is some new Trekking I have. I'm knitting Miriam Felton's Razor Shell pattern. I really like the effect the design has on this yarn, all scallopy. It's so funny, I introduced my Amazing Lace team as a shawl but all I'm knitting is lacy (holey) socks. Go figure. Ah well, I'm going to work on Monica's sock. I want to get the heel turned today. More later!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Jury Duty...Again

I received notice in the mail today I've been called for jury duty, again. This is the 3rd time in my adult life that I have been summoned. The first time I had just turned 21, still living at home. The first day I had to call there was a message that the judge had died over the weekend and all trials had been postponed. I was sorry that the judge had died, but so glad I didn't have to report. The second time, (Mandy was 2 or 3 years old, she's 16 now), I served on a jury that acquitted a prominent civil rights activist and local clergyman of sexual harassment. And now for what is called Petit Jury Service. I have to be available August 28 - September 8. How many out there have been called and how many times. My husband has never been called (he's a registered voter too, why don't they call him?). Mandy thinks it's so funny that I've been called AGAIN. All I can say is they better let me in the building with my pointy sticks if my number is called. Please pray they don't call juror 48 during those 2 weeks. I know it's my civic duty and all, but I really don't want to do it. They only compensate $5 a day if your called but don't get placed on a jury or $10 a day if you do get placed on a jury. They do give you daily parking passes though. That's a lot of lost wages that I can't afford to lose (if my number is called).
This is the second post with no pictures. Sorry. I'll try to do better next post.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Just A Minor Setback

I had to take my sister's sock to the frog pond. It was just to small (I hadn't intended to knit tourniquets). It's a shame too, I was all the way to the gusset decreases. I have restarted with another pattern repeat added, they should fit fine now. If not, I hope there is a pattern out there I can get to work (and that I really want to knit).
I also wanted to tell you, if you listen to books on tapes, you must listen to Anne of Green Gables. I have been listening to it in the car whenever I go someplace. I laugh so much, people must wonder what's going on. I adored the show and I have read the book, but it is so wonderful to listen to.
Well, I must put some more inches on the sock. More later!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

My Summer of Socks

I have just finished my 4th pair of socks for July. And my 15th for the year (but who's counting? Oh, I am). These were fun to knit and look so cool. The colors in the yarn make me very happy. I can't wait for suitable weather to wear them. Here are the particulars:
Yarn: Sisu Fantasy
Stitches: 68
US 1 dpn's
Pattern: 3-1 Rib for the leg and down the foot.
My daughter is upset that they match perfectly. She actually threw them down on the couch when she saw how well the stripes match and said, "you and your matching socks".
WELL! Nothing to get your knickers in a bunch about. IMHO. They are exactly how I like them.
I think I will work on the socks I'm knitting for my sister now (and the stripes will match on those too, BTW). It's hard to concentrate on anything right now. Mandy and a friend (it's a sleepover, which means "no sleep") are upstairs baking chocolate chip cookies and they smell wonderful.
More knitting and sewing soon.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Monica Said It Would Be Safe

I've been doing some sewing along with the sock knitting. My niece (Lauren) loves for me to sew for her and her birthday is coming up next month, so I don't want to disappoint her. This first doll outfit matches one I made her last year for her birthday (unfortunately the capris don't fit her anymore, I'm not sure about the peasant top). I may have enough of the white material left to make her a new pair. The peasant top is from Simplicity 8451, and the capris from the Nancy Ziemann book Girls n Dolls.

I used the capri pattern again for these strawberry pants. I have a pair cut out for Lauren from Butterick 6615 to match. I have more outfits planned and I will post them as I get them done (because Monica said it would be safe and Lauren wouldn't see them).

PS: I didn't make the white top Samantha is wearing, that is part of an American Girl outfit.

PSS: The nice thing about dressing dolls is they don't grow and they don't complain about the style or color.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Dragging Myself Out of the Funk

I think Shelley was right, the weather was effecting me and contributing to my funk yesterday. Not having air conditioning at work didn't help things at all. I'll admit it, I'm spoiled with all the wonderful technologies we take for granted. You work in an office, you expect it to be air conditioned. Someone should tell the maintenance guy to change the filters more than once a decade, I'm just saying. So, to drag myself out of my funk I started a new sock on my lunch break. And this one I didn't rip.

I'm knitting my Sisu Fantasy in a 3-1 rib pattern and I'm carrying it down the foot. I have 2 more gusset decreases to do and then it's down the home stretch to the toe. I think it helps that the colors are so bright in this yarn, I'm enjoying knitting it. I'm back in the swing of things, and I might even cut out some things to sew for my niece's upcoming birthday (I know the pattern pieces are around here somewhere).

Friday, July 14, 2006

In a Funk

Well, nothing completed yet. I've tried starting 3 different socks and just didn't like them. Not sure if it was the pattern or the yarn or a combo of the two.I'm not calling it "burn-out yet! I have been working on Monica's sock, it's growing slowly. Work is slow too and now the air conditioner(at work) isn't working. And it's going to be in the 90's for the next week, at least. I hate heat and humidity, and the weathermen sound so cheery about the forecast. Are they all crazy? Give me the 60's and 70's any day. Ok, enough of my rant. Hopefully the next post will contain knitting.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Somebody Call the Fire Department....

Cuz I. Am. Smokin..... I finished Mandy's Opal Petticoat socks (that's pair #3 for July). And look, they are identical, even the toes!!!! Mandy says she doesn't like her socks to match (she says I have issues). But is she knitting them? NO, she isn't. Mom is. So if the stripes can match, Honey, they will. I hope I don't get "sock burn-out" or reach critical mass or something. I have 4 empty sets of size 1's and more yarn to knit. My Sensi (Monica) will be tsk, tsking me for being so sinful as to have (so many) empty needles. I will find a way to remedy that situation. It's back to work for me tomorrow, I mean today. My hot streak may be over. Stay tuned.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Hot Off the Griddle.... I Mean Needles

My Orange Marmalade Waffle socks are done!! They are so nice.
Kool-aid dyed with Lemonade (Monica added some yellow food coloring too, to intensify the color) and then Orange
68 stitches
US 1 DPN's
Started: 7/3/06
Finished: 7/8/06
So I'm back to another set of empty needles and none of my previously started socks are getting done. I think my startitis is getting out of hand. I don't think I need intervention yet, I'll yell if it comes to that. I think I'll look through my books and see if anything catches my eye.
If you click on Monica's name (above) you can see the wonderful baby dress she knit and entered in the county fair. It is covered with ribbons!!! I couldn't be more proud of or happy for her. She is a wonderful sister, knitter, teacher, mother, wife.... I know I'm a little biased but there you have it.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Waffles Anyone?

I got started right away on another pair of socks (I just couldn't leave those needles empty). I'm knitting the yarn Monica and I dyed last month. It is so pretty, I'm using the Blueberry Waffles pattern. But considering the color of my yarn maybe I should call them Orange Marmalade Waffles. I should have this first one done tomorrow. Mandy thinks I should be working on some socks for her, but she will have to wait. I think I will use this pattern for a pair of socks for my son too. That will be a good stocking stuffer. Yes, I'm thinking Christmas already. It will be here before we know it. Back to knitting!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Ummm, I May Have Underestimated...

...the sock knitting voodoo powers I possess. Here is exhibit 1: Fortissima 1776. Started 6/25/06. Finished 7/03/06. I stated at the start date that I wouldn't get these done in time for the 4th, it seems I was wrong. I also stated that it would be too hot to wear them anyway, well, I was right about that. 90 degrees and wool socks don't mix. It does seem though that my powers don't extend to being able to match those darn toes. They are identical until I start the toe decreases!! Why is that? It is mind boggling. Ah well, I guess that will always be the imperfection in my sock knitting.
Now it seems I have another set of empty size 1's.... so much yarn to choose from. What will I knit next? Stay tuned.