Saturday, September 22, 2007

SOS2007 Round Up...Wind Down?

Well, SOS2007 has come to an end and I don't think I did too badly. I started and finished 8 pair of socks since June 21st. I will have warm and colorful feet this winter.

I also have 2 singletons finished with their mates started and 4 others in various stages of progress (Monica, look at the picture big...that's your Swag design in the Trekking I started...isn't it pretty?). I think my startitis got the best of me. But it's all good, they will get done...eventually.
Well, I'm off to knit and/or sew (Mandy really wants me to finish her tote bag for Teacher's Academy). Have a good weekend! More later.

Monday, September 17, 2007

A Quick Knit

That's what this pair was... Monica's Hearts-A-Plenty. I started them on 9/12/07 and finished them tonight (9/17/07). Knit in Paton's Kroy-Fancy Free. Hopefully you'll be able to knit these yourself (look for Monica's patterns at The Loopy Ewe in the very near future...shameless plug!). Now I need to start another of her patterns (she is so very talented!).
Christy asked about my sock blockers...yes I did make them myself from wire hangers. There are instructions here. Have fun making them!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Test-Knitter 101

First, you have to have a sister who can whip out patterns like nobodies business... just my luck, I have such a sister. Second, you must be prepared with needles and far so good. Third, you must love to knit...that's a given, especially socks. Three for three. Monica's brain has been leaking a lot of patterns lately, and being the helpful, loving sister that I am, I have offered my services as test-knitter (and proof-reader). It's a win win situation. I get some lovely socks and Monica knows that her patterns are liked, understood, and knitable by someone other than herself (of course they are, silly girl!)

So, here are two of her new sock patterns that I've been test knitting. This is "Hearts-A-Plenty" (I thought of the name). I'm knitting them in Patons Kroy Sock yarn . I'm not going to knit the hearts down the foot (even though the pattern is written that way, and yes I should knit it exactly like the pattern is written...but I don't really like holes on my feet). I thought the yarn was going to be too busy for it, but it's turning out nice (well in person it looks great).

The second sock pattern I started doesn't have a name yet but I'm knitting it in CTH Potluck Blues/Purples. Monica knit hers in CTH Sockittome Spanish Moss. The yarn is a little dark for the design to show but I will keep knitting it.

I also started another plain sock in Trekking 107. I had coveted this colorway a long time before I was able to get it last year. It has been waiting patiently to be knit. I'm on the heel flap.
So, that's it for this weeks update. It's good to be a (test) knitter. Have a great weekend!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Short and Sweet

Just a short post to show off the latest finished pair of socks. This is STR Watermelon Tourmaline in their medium weight. I knit them plain with 60 stitches (wish I had used only 56, they are a little looser than my other socks) on US2 dpn's. I started these on 9/1 and finished them yesterday.

I've started 2 new pair of socks but I'm still trying to decide if I like the yarns with the patterns. Hopefully I'll figure it out soon (and then I'll have pictures).
I've joined The Secret of the Stole KAL (I'm crazy, I know, but there is still time to join), and I've knitted up the swatch for that. I'm using Knit Picks Shadow in the Sunset colorway (it's the yarn I didn't use for the MS3).

And I also started a scarf today (yes, still crazy). I'm using some unknown yarn that I bought about 3 or 4 years ago when Monica and I went to the kind of local Wool Gathering. Here are 2 repeats of the pattern. This is the Mead Scarf. It is a very easy and fun pattern to knit. I'm not sure if I will gift this or keep it for myself (the colors would look nice with my coat).
Enjoy the rest of your weekend. More later!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I've Always Considered Myself Crafty

For a contest at Carols blog : no pictures...sorry

Mom taught me at an early age (7 or 8) to knit and to sew (she tried to teach me to crochet but for some reason I never caught on, well not till I checked out a tape from the library and sat with my yarn and hook, with the remote right beside me to pause and practice what had just been shown, I was around 31 then). There was a shop mom liked to frequent and I learned to do counted cross stitch, needlepoint and latch hook rugs (I haven't done a rug in a long while, but I have taught my daughter). In fact I've taught my daughter all the crafts (needlearts) that I do...with the exception of smocking (she doesn't have any interest in that). I learned to smock about 7 years ago, but haven't done much of that since I took up sock knitting (I have several doll dresses to finish). Currently in production is a tote bag for my daughter to use for Teacher's Academy (she wants to be a 2nd grade teacher and is shadowing in a 2nd grade class in our school district this year...she will get college credit for this...yipee), socks (always), some dishcloths, a sweater for my son (he wants to know if he will finally get it this Christmas...this will be the 3rd Christmas since I started it...I don't get what he's complaining about, but I should put the socks down for a while and finish it...REALLY), and some t-shirts that need to be emboidered (I have an embroidery/sewing machine). You can see samples of my work on my Flikr page...I've uploaded some old pictures of some dresses/outfits I smocked for my niece and a quilt I made my in-laws for their 50th Anniversary (I can't find a picture of the quilt) and doll dresses/outfits I've made for my daughter and nieces and stockings I've made for my family and family members and all sorts of things.
I'm almost finished with my first pair of socks for September, so I will feature those in the next post. More later!