Saturday, July 08, 2006

Hot Off the Griddle.... I Mean Needles

My Orange Marmalade Waffle socks are done!! They are so nice.
Kool-aid dyed with Lemonade (Monica added some yellow food coloring too, to intensify the color) and then Orange
68 stitches
US 1 DPN's
Started: 7/3/06
Finished: 7/8/06
So I'm back to another set of empty needles and none of my previously started socks are getting done. I think my startitis is getting out of hand. I don't think I need intervention yet, I'll yell if it comes to that. I think I'll look through my books and see if anything catches my eye.
If you click on Monica's name (above) you can see the wonderful baby dress she knit and entered in the county fair. It is covered with ribbons!!! I couldn't be more proud of or happy for her. She is a wonderful sister, knitter, teacher, mother, wife.... I know I'm a little biased but there you have it.


aija said...

Mm, they look delicious!

monica said...

OK, I am blushing!! the socks look great, but you need to fill those needles ... empty needles are not allowed.

Lori H said...

Love that sock pattern and the yarn color is beautiful!

Ginger said...

I think I like these socks best of all. I like yarn that is solid but not solid, various shades of the same color, KWIM?