Saturday, July 15, 2006

Dragging Myself Out of the Funk

I think Shelley was right, the weather was effecting me and contributing to my funk yesterday. Not having air conditioning at work didn't help things at all. I'll admit it, I'm spoiled with all the wonderful technologies we take for granted. You work in an office, you expect it to be air conditioned. Someone should tell the maintenance guy to change the filters more than once a decade, I'm just saying. So, to drag myself out of my funk I started a new sock on my lunch break. And this one I didn't rip.

I'm knitting my Sisu Fantasy in a 3-1 rib pattern and I'm carrying it down the foot. I have 2 more gusset decreases to do and then it's down the home stretch to the toe. I think it helps that the colors are so bright in this yarn, I'm enjoying knitting it. I'm back in the swing of things, and I might even cut out some things to sew for my niece's upcoming birthday (I know the pattern pieces are around here somewhere).


Ashley said...

Now those are some great sock colors. I love it!

monica said...

I love the socks, how can that not make you happy to knit. Yes and the count down is on, B-day is in less than 1 month so you better warm up the Janome.

Ginger said...

Very cheery socks! Nothing like cheery yarn to help get out of the funk.