Thursday, February 21, 2008

Guess What We're Making

It started with a bunch of squares ( some 3", some 4")...

Then Mandy laid them out the way she wanted them to be sewn.....

Then she started sewing the squares into strips....

And I sewed the strips into a piece of cloth...

Until it became this...

A tote bag for her Tennessee trip for FEA (Future Educators of America). It is humongous, but it held everything she wanted to take on the bus with her. I put a little pocket inside for her Ipod and cut a piece of foamboard and covered it to place in the bottom for added support.
She led the scrapbook team...their scrapbook took third place of the 150 schools that were represented. She is so darn crafty!
We're under a "Winter Storm Warning" AGAIN...I'm going to go knit!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Some Socks To Show

Hi All!! Where did January go? And now February is half over too...unbelievable.

So, I finished Monica's socks on January 31st, with a few hours to spare for them to count as my January socks for SAM5. They turned out great! I love this colorway (Trekking XXL - 66)...I might just have to get another skein (someday). I used the Campfire Sock pattern, I knit it on the legs only and increased the stitch count to 68, for the difference in the yarn and needles I used.

I finished my February socks for SAM5 tonight. These are knit in some Perchance To Knit yarn (that Susie specially dyed for the Sockret Pal Swap back in 2006). I knit them plain on US1 dpn's with 68 stitches. They pooled wildly, but look so cool. These will look great with jeans.

I have at least 3 of Monica's sock patterns started so I will be working on those next (plus the 3 other pair that are OTN's too).
And you won't believe this, but I have another post already in the works (just waiting for Mandy to get back from Tennessee tomorrow so I can get a picture of the finished item that the post is about).

I'm liking my new job real well and my supervisor has already said that the position will be offered to me permanently after the company's 60 day contract with the temp agency is up (30 more days). I am thanking God every day for putting me where I needed to be for this to happen. This is such a blessing for my family.

I hope everyone has a great Sunday and if you're off Monday (think of me while I'm at work from 8 to 5, I'll be cruising around the net from 12-1) have a great day off. More later.