Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Last Socks of Summer

Since this is Labor Day weekend, I'm calling these the last socks of summer ( I have so many OTN's that I need to finish and even more I want to start). Mandy's plain knit Opal Elements. They don't match per her request.

Mandy went on a purse hunt this past weekend and bought this (I'm so glad she has a job cuz Mom can't afford Vera Bradley... and everybody has one, you know). But what I could give her is a one-of-a-kind, handknit matching sock key chain. She loves it, and has asked for more. Wouldn't they be cute to hold her lipsmackers tubes?
Well, one more day of work before the long weekend. I hope to get a lot of knitting done. And so far (knock on wood) no jury duty!!!! Have a great weekend everyone... be safe. More later.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Done and Half Done

I finished the Heelless (heeled) Sleeping socks this morning. Mandy loves her purple/pink socks, she loves how they don't match. All that pooling-striping going on. And they fit her great!! Now we just have to wait for cooler weather (come on fall).

And I also finished the first of Monica's Chevron socks and have cast on the second. I can't waste any time, our exchange will probably be the 16th 0r 17th.

Some good news, my number wasn't called for the first day of jury duty. But I still have to call nightly until the 7th to check.

Well, back to knitting! More later.

Friday, August 25, 2006

My First Swap

I've joined my first swap (Monica says they're a lot of fun), it is the Sockret Pal (click to join in the fun). I've got a while before the official start (October 1st), so I can finish up some of the socks I already have OTN and keep the ole fingers limber for the task ahead. Now the insecurities will rear their ugly head: do I knit well enough to knit someone else (other than family) a pair of socks?, will she like them?, will they fit her? Maybe I'll just play Scarlett and worry about that later ( cuz tomorrow is another day).
I would love to know how to add buttons to my blog. If someone could give me step by step instructions (cuz I'm daft about these things and a very visual learner) on how do it I would greatly appreciate it.
I hope to have both (well at the very least one) pair of Mandy's socks done this weekend. And C.J. (my son) keeps asking me when I'm going to work on his sweater (I really should, Christmas will be here before I know it).
More later.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

She Takes Her's Plain

No cables or lace or textured stitching for her. Just knit... knit... knit. She doesn't like the way they feel on her legs and feet (as if she knows, cause her's are always PLAIN). So here are some plain socks in Opal Elements for the girl child. And she made me promise that this pair wouldn't match (so against my own wanting them to match instinct) they are a little off from each other (Monk would be having FITS!).

But wait, what's this? A second pair for the girl child and they ARE textured. Yipee!!! It is so soft and smooth on the inside she said she would wear these, but the foot has to be PLAIN. I'm using the Heelless Sleeping Sock pattern from Vintage Socks. But as you can see from the picture these won't be heelless. We are not tube sock kind of gals! These are knit in Knit Picks Sock Garden/Hydrangea. They've started striping again now that the gusset decreases are done.

I have also been knitting some ballband dishcloths (mine are not as refined or well traveled as Trek's). The blue one is for my son and the purple for my daughter. But, I doubt that even these lovelies will get them to do the hand washing. Their eyes glaze over and they look at me like I'm speaking a foreign language. Huh? Pots and Pans? What are they? Ah well, a mother can dream.

Back to the knitting (and the laundry, and the dishes), how can a girl get any knitting done with all these other things looming over her head? More later! I hope.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Birthday Presents

I'm finally able to post the ensemble I made for my niece's birthday today. She is a whopping 9 years old. Her skirt and capris match the ones I made for her dolls. I was going to embroider some strawberries on the t-shirt, but I didn't get it done. Below is the skirt I made for her dolls. Well, the party is later today and I've got a little ways to drive so I better get some sleep.

More later.

This Is All I Can Show

I've finished the pair of socks that my sister (Monica) designed. She is so talented and I had so much fun knitting these. She is going to be sending them to a magazine (sorry don't know which one) in hopes of getting the pattern published. So, this is all I can show of them at the present time. And here is the information I can divulge:
Opal Uni Solid #29
64 stitches
US 1
Oh, and they are beautiful (IMHO).
So, I'm going to keep my fingers crossed (when I'm not knitting) that editors (or whoever does the deciding for magazines) like the pattern as well as I do and includes it in one of next years issues. I'm off to bed, more later.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Random Knitting Theory #1

While visiting Trek and Aija (Sock Pron) earlier they were talking about another blog contest. Jerry & Maxy have asked to have 2 pictures of knitter's hands, 1) idle and 2) knitting. So, here are mine (taken by Mandy)....

Here are my pudgy hands, (too much flash sorry), just resting on the couch.

And here they are caught in action (now there isn't enough flash, go figure). And my pudgy toes got in the shot too.
Mandy informed me that my boobs looked uneven when she was taking the shot and I told her not to take a picture of them just my hands. Thankfully she and the camera cooperated.
I hope these pass muster for the (un)scientific research.
Mandy has been tortured by the orthodontist already today and soon I will take her for her allergy shots (how much can one girl stand?). More knitting time for me. Good news though, she will probably get her braces off in about 7 weeks or so.

My Girl Is Crafty

Last night while I was down here (my computer is in the basement) e-mailing Monica pictures of the first sock I finished in her design, Mandy was upstairs being crafty. She came to the top of the stairs and said "Mom don't come up without letting me know". So, when I was done with my e-mail and visiting some blogs I let her know I was on my way up. She had made this for me.... a Shrinky Dink charm for my keys. She is so crafty. You can't see it real well, but the dot of the "i" is a ball of yarn. How cool is that? Just thought I'd share.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Mystery Sock

I recently joined a new KAL located here called the Mystery Sock KAL. You choose a sock pattern on the web that doesn't have a picture of the finished sock ( I know, a scary thought). I've never knit anything before that I didn't know what it was supposed to look like when it was done. So, I threw caution to the wind and went for it. This is what I've knit in the last 21 hour period (yes I did sleep). The pattern is called Rustic Arrow Socks. The pattern calls for WoolEase (which I do have, but it is destined for something else). I used Knit Picks Merino Style in the Cornflower colorway instead. On Knit Picks site they list this yarn as DK wt, but trust me, it's really Worsted wt. The pattern also calls for 3 pattern repeats on the leg (which I did) but I wish I had done 4 (the leg is much shorter than I like). It does make a nice zig-zaggy design around the leg and they will be nice warm socks for this winter. I have a few more mystery patterns printed off I may still give a try. Some cable ones ( I love cables) and some lacey ones too. Do you think it would be cheating to graph some of these out ahead of time (that would take some of the mystery out of it)? Have a great week everyone!! More later.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Did Someone Say "Cold Front"...

...Cuz, I'm not feeling it! The humidity is down (thank goodness) but it's still hot (93*F). I've been working on the socks I'm knitting for my Sis (almost done with the gusset decreases). I know, that isn't much progress for 1 week, but I have been working on other things too. Monica has designs just swimming in her head (I can't even imagine that), so I am knitting a pair of socks in one of them. How cool is that, knitting socks my Sis designed. I can't put a picture up of them just yet, but they are ever so loverly. I'm on the gusset decreases on the first one of that too. No growth on the Razor Shell sock ( but I will give it some attention soon).
Work is even slower than before (there is much stress in this and loss of sleep and headaches, when you have to worry if you're going to get paid or not. Time for a serious new job hunt).
My father-in-law took a nasty tumble last week and is badly bruised on his chest, arms and legs. He is having a doppler today (on his right leg,which is the worst) to make sure he doesn't have any clots. And he had to have four teeth fixed too.
School starts on the 24th for my daughter (she's a junior this year), she's very anxious about this year. She starts her Teacher's Academy class (they have a European trip planned for next June that she is looking forward to. She will be going thanks to grandpa and grandma) in preparations for becoming a teacher. And even though it's a year away, I worry about her going. Being so far away, where I can't get to her if something were to happen. Who told her she could grow up?
I always planned for this to be a strictly knitting blog (with no really personal stuff), but life does seem to happen. And sometimes it puts a damper on the knitting.
Ok, enough of feeling sorry for myself (but it does feel good to get it out). Let's see if I can get at least one pair of socks done this month. Have a great weekend!!