Friday, June 30, 2006

Smallest Sock

I've knit some small socks before (all those baby socks) but this is the smallest sock I've made so far. I used this recipe for it. I wanted a keychain so I just made one. It is so cute!! I used some of my leftover Meilenweit yarn. I think I will do this with all my leftovers, that way my keychain will match whatever socks I happen to be wearing. Yay, I know what you are all thinking, she's gone off the deep end for sure. Naaa, I'm just having fun with my knitting.

I have also finished the first of my patriotic socks. And the second is cast on. Just cruising right along.

Monday is my son's 21st birthday, but we will be celebrating it tomorrow. It will be so good to see my sister and her family and spend some time with her/them. So I better go bake a chocolate cake and some yellow cupcakes... and do some more cleaning. It seems my yarn is taking over the family room. More later!

1 comment:

Kathy said...

The smallest sock is unbelievable is that a trick Nickel?

The Fisherman sock in lorna's is wonderful. congrats.

and finally, the patriotic socks came out GREAT> I love the stars ...happy fireworks