Sunday, September 20, 2009

Life Happens - Knitting Happens - But Not Blogging

I can't believe it's been almost 4 months since I last blogged. But there is work, mowing the yard, doing the dishes, know...LIFE.

I have been knitting...
I just finished the Meringue Zig Zag Scarf (knit in Knit Picks Parade, not Meringue), I'm on the second sock of the Knit One,Crochet Too 3X1 Rib socks, I finished one of the two dishcloths (Chinese Wave) I mentioned in the previous post, and I've knit two Hermione's Cable & Eyelet Hats (the one shown has been given to my niece for her birthday and the other is for Mandy - Mandy's is grey) both are knit in some Caron Sport I've had for so many years I can't give an exact time. I'm knitting two more of these hats (I love this pattern) - one for myself and one for one of Mandy's friends. They are both in Caron Sport too - mine is green and Leah's is "thunder blue".

I haven't finished the petal tam yet, but I'll get it back out soon and finish it up. I've started another scarf in some brown Caron Sport - it's called the Double Moss Stitch Scarf in the new issue of Fons and Porter's Love of Knitting. I knit and gave a baby hat (along with the blanket to Mandy's friend who is due any day now) I forgot to take a picture of; but there is a woman at work who is having a baby sometime in February and I think I will knit the same hat for her, so you may see it after all.
I've joined a local gym through work (they got us a nice discount on membership). I'm doing a water aerobics class twice a week and am trying to work myself up to going in for some additional cardio work outs (falling miserably at that right now).
Both kids are good. C. J. is working and Mandy is back at college (and working too) - year 2! She did so well last year - Dean's List both semesters.
Well, I think I've got everything up to date. Happy Knitting!