Monday, July 17, 2006

Monica Said It Would Be Safe

I've been doing some sewing along with the sock knitting. My niece (Lauren) loves for me to sew for her and her birthday is coming up next month, so I don't want to disappoint her. This first doll outfit matches one I made her last year for her birthday (unfortunately the capris don't fit her anymore, I'm not sure about the peasant top). I may have enough of the white material left to make her a new pair. The peasant top is from Simplicity 8451, and the capris from the Nancy Ziemann book Girls n Dolls.

I used the capri pattern again for these strawberry pants. I have a pair cut out for Lauren from Butterick 6615 to match. I have more outfits planned and I will post them as I get them done (because Monica said it would be safe and Lauren wouldn't see them).

PS: I didn't make the white top Samantha is wearing, that is part of an American Girl outfit.

PSS: The nice thing about dressing dolls is they don't grow and they don't complain about the style or color.


trek said...

Big grins on the doll's preferences comment!

monica said...

Lauren is going to love them. She loves everything you make for her, and her dolls. I want to make a few sweaters for them, maybe to match the ones I have recently made for her.

Rebecca said...

Ahhhhh .... American Girl Dolls! My girls had Felicity, Molly, Samantha and Kirsten. I did lots of sewing for those dolls. Now that they are in college, I should probably get nice trunks for each doll and store everything away for them.

Cute outfits! Nice job!

Shelley said...

Good job on the sewing! I'm sure she loves that her dolls will have matching outfits. Little girls seem to like that sort of thing.