Monday, January 15, 2007

Year of the Dragon?

When Ben (my nephew) saw the dragon t-shirt I had embroidered for Camden he said he would like to have one too. So, being a good auntie I went out and got some t-shirts for him. My sister and her kids are on their way over to spend the day with us (we haven't had our Christmas yet), it's the only day that her kids and Mandy have the same school day off. So here are the shirts I embroidered for Ben: I think he will like them.

And since there is no chance of her peeking I will post a picture of the socks I knit for Monica.

Here it is modeled on my foot to show the cables and then just a regular shot of the pair.

This is the "Foot Cozy"pattern in Lorna's Sport Sage. I also embroidered a sweatshirt
for her with "I heart Knitting" on it.
More show and tell later. Have a great week!
Edited: Carole tagged me with the 6 weird things meme. I will just direct you to this post
if you want to read about my weirdness again. Goodnight!


Shelley said...

The socks are great, and I'm sure Monica is going to love them!

Your nephew will love those t shirts! They are so cool!

monica said...

I do love the socks they fit wonderful and I will wear them tomorrow. Had a wonderful time visiting with you. Talk to you tomorrow.

carole said...

who wouldn't want a dragon shirt? they're awesome!!!

btw, you've been tagged. Visit my blog for the details. Jan 13 entry