Thursday, December 21, 2006

Things I've Been Pondering...

... like... why using a pumice stone makes your feet smooth and soft but walking barefoot on concrete sidewalks and driveways makes them rough and ugly?
... how your appliances (furnace on the coldest day of the winter so far) and plumbing systems (just a few months ago) know you have no money to pay for repairs and choose to break at that point in time?
...why you (meaning I) wait till the last minute to decide to knit something for everyone on your list (because you can't afford to buy them something)?
...why you (meaning I again) can't keep the resolution to start early in the year on those presents?
Just some things that have been on my mind.

Posting this under having the blahs.
Knitting next time.... I promise.


monica said...

yeah, why does the concrete tear up you feet...hhhmmmm. Hope you get into the Christmas mood, just keep knitting, it will chase the blahs away.

monica said...

You are tagged read the rules on my blog if you want to play.

Shelley said...

Those are good things to ponder. Something I've been pondering lately is....why do they call it a pair of pants when there is only one? If it's because there are 2 legs... then it should be called a pair of legs...I asked my friend that recently and she said "well, who cares really?" LOL!

monica said...

Ok, and here is a knitterly ponderance, the cultures that purposefully knit a flaw into their work so it will not be perfect, if it is intentional can it really be considered a mistake or an imperfection?