Friday, December 08, 2006

Christmas Time Contest

Over at Alisha's blog she has a contest going on. You have to post a picture of a Christmas decoration in or on your home. Many years ago I started collecting the Dept.(not Studio) 56 Dickens Village pieces. My in-laws would give me a new building or group of trees or people for my birthday and pretty soon I had a nice sized village. It isn't complete and the pieces have become too expensive to get ( just never know). Mandy likes to set them up (this group has been up since last Christmas), she has some on her piano and once we move her puzzle, there will be some on the dining room table too.

And here is our tree. Not all the decorations are on it yet (we are moving slowly this year). But Mandy has already put some of the presents she's bought for friends under it. It's beginning to look and feel like Christmas at our house.

A couple of years ago I made us each new stockings, and here they hang on the mantel. My niece, Lauren, made the little hanging that is at the heel of Mandy's stocking.
So those are some of our Christmas decorations, you have till midnight Saturday (Oh, that's today) to show off yours.


Shelley said...

Wonderful decorations! Our tree is up...and only 2 decorations on it so far besides the lights which came on it. I have the ornament I won in her last contest (for posting about the contest on my blog...was the one she had at halloween; guessing the pumpkin seeds), and a little pair of mittens that I knit. We're hoping to get the decorations up very soon though...I'm just bogged down with studying right now as exams are this coming week...I have 3 in a row: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Alisha said...

Nice little village you have. I love the stockings...adorable and good luck...maybe you'll have a new ornament for your tree this year!!!!

monica said...

Still waiting for Lauren to pick up all her junk so we can put the tree up. I hope she will do it soon so I won't have to.

Rebecca said...

Is it Studio 56 or Department 56? I have the Dept. 56 Snow Village myself..guess I'll have to post a picture if I want to take part in this little contest! Lovely decorations!