Saturday, August 12, 2006

This Is All I Can Show

I've finished the pair of socks that my sister (Monica) designed. She is so talented and I had so much fun knitting these. She is going to be sending them to a magazine (sorry don't know which one) in hopes of getting the pattern published. So, this is all I can show of them at the present time. And here is the information I can divulge:
Opal Uni Solid #29
64 stitches
US 1
Oh, and they are beautiful (IMHO).
So, I'm going to keep my fingers crossed (when I'm not knitting) that editors (or whoever does the deciding for magazines) like the pattern as well as I do and includes it in one of next years issues. I'm off to bed, more later.


trek said...

Nice color on the socks! Can't wait to see if she sells it.

aija said...

Good luck to Monica, hope we see them in print soon! :)

monica said...

OOH I finally got the email, it was almost as slow as snail mail for some reason. Can't wait to see them in person, they look so much better in your blue than my tan