Friday, August 25, 2006

My First Swap

I've joined my first swap (Monica says they're a lot of fun), it is the Sockret Pal (click to join in the fun). I've got a while before the official start (October 1st), so I can finish up some of the socks I already have OTN and keep the ole fingers limber for the task ahead. Now the insecurities will rear their ugly head: do I knit well enough to knit someone else (other than family) a pair of socks?, will she like them?, will they fit her? Maybe I'll just play Scarlett and worry about that later ( cuz tomorrow is another day).
I would love to know how to add buttons to my blog. If someone could give me step by step instructions (cuz I'm daft about these things and a very visual learner) on how do it I would greatly appreciate it.
I hope to have both (well at the very least one) pair of Mandy's socks done this weekend. And C.J. (my son) keeps asking me when I'm going to work on his sweater (I really should, Christmas will be here before I know it).
More later.


monica said...

You knit beautiful socks, so don't worry about anything and just have fun!

Shelley said...

Adding buttons: first, if you find a button on another blog that you want to use (such as for the KAL, the swap, etc.), you right click and save it to your computer. Then what I do is copy that to photobucket (you can sign up there free) and use that link on my blog (there will be 3 links after you save the picture, you will use the middle one)

Next, you go to your blogger template and find where you want to place it on your side bar. Then you paste the link from photobucket to that spot, and provide the link to the blog/site you want the button to take you. There will probably be a small portion of the tag from photobucket you have to remove (it will be the link back to photobucket) so that when you click the button on your blog it takes you to the blog/site instead of photobucket.

You can try that now and see if it works. If not we'll try to give you more help :o).

Sheri at The Loopy Ewe said...

Ok - I just wandered into your blog through the knitting blog ring (great socks that you're making!) and now I have joined the Sock-ret Pal group. Thanks for having that link!