Sunday, August 27, 2006

Done and Half Done

I finished the Heelless (heeled) Sleeping socks this morning. Mandy loves her purple/pink socks, she loves how they don't match. All that pooling-striping going on. And they fit her great!! Now we just have to wait for cooler weather (come on fall).

And I also finished the first of Monica's Chevron socks and have cast on the second. I can't waste any time, our exchange will probably be the 16th 0r 17th.

Some good news, my number wasn't called for the first day of jury duty. But I still have to call nightly until the 7th to check.

Well, back to knitting! More later.


Shelley said...

Both socks (the pair and the single) look great, and I love the colours used in both!

I wonder if some of the patterns for the leg part of socks would work on mittens (the hand part)...though nothing lacy that is. Some great patterns out there that might look pretty cool on mittens.

monica said...

Love them. I really need to work on yours, instead of this other knitting I have been doing.

Tammy said...

Love your socks and reading your
blog. You do beautiful work.
I'm obsessive about sock knitting
too! You inspired me to knit the
ballband dishcloths. I love bright,
happy colors. Keep knittin'.

Sourire11 said...

Cute socks!!!! Love the purply pink ones... and I, too am starting to long for cooler weather.

Rebecca said...

Both of your socks look fabulous! I've been meaning to try that Chevron pattern for some time and I really like how yours have turned out. Believe it or not, we already have a bit of Fall in the air. It was 36 degrees yesterday when I woke up and when the clouds cleared there was snow on Pikes, it is time for me to get cranking on some more wool socks!

monica said...

Hey, we know Pikes Peak, don't we Karen. And all the lovely snow covered mountain tops. It sounds really good right now, it is 11PM and still 81 degrees and humid ... yuck

Dipsy Doodle said...

I so love your socks, both pairs - the colors are absolutely amazing and the patterns rock! Great job!

Dipsy D.