Friday, June 09, 2006

30 Things

So, Kerrie at Hip Knits is turning 30 next weekend and is having a contest. So if you're ready (and even if you're not) here are 30 things about me: some of them pretty obvious

1. I'm a knitter! Mostly socks, but I'm trying to branch out.
2. I've been married (to the same man) for 23 years, we dated for six years during and after high school before we got married so we've been together for 29 years.
3. I have 2 children. My son will turn 21 ( how did this happen? where have all these years gone?) on July 3, and my daughter just turned 16 in April.
4. I don't like dogs. (dog lovers don't hate me please)
5. I do like cats, but we're (husband, both kids, and myself) allergic so we have no animals.
6.I also sew, smock, cross stitch, and crochet.
7. I wish I didn't have to work outside the home.
8. I used to be a SAHM.
9. My dad was in the Army so we moved a lot. I've lived in Kentucky (born there), Pennsylvania, Germany, Colorado, Indiana (after dad retired from the Army) and Ohio.
10. I don't like to exercise, but I really need to.
11. I like chocolate! too much
12. I like to cook and bake but I don't like the clean up afterwards (that's what I have kids for. right?).
13. I'm always tired.
14. Until my sister taught me a year and a half ago, I was afraid to knit socks. I'm addicted now!
15. I'm half way done, this is harder than it seemed before I started. How do people come up with their 100 lists?
16. I don't like bugs! I don't go screaming from a room though (well unless they're big and I don't have a shoe handy).
17. I don't like coffee. I do like the smell of coffee though.
18. I do like tea. I drink decaffeinated raspberry flavored tea (that I brew and then chill) every day.
19. I don't drink pop. I used to, but not anymore. It makes me hiccup. But that's not why I don't drink it.
20. I've had a lot of surgeries. Organs I don't have anymore include: appendix (not an organ, I know), gallbladder, and uterus(not an organ either). I've also had scar tissue removed from my left knee and a melanoma from my left cheek. My son was born by C-section.
21. I was supposed to be left-handed, but my mom made me right-handed.
22. I am left eyed ( my husband says this would be a great asset if I played baseball. And I don't anymore).
23. My favorite color is yellow. Yet everything (dishes, towels, etc) in my house is blue. No yellow at all.
24. I do have yellow paint for the half bath. I think I will do some painting during my vacation the week of July 3rd. I will have to buy some new yellow towels.
25. I'm the middle child of 7. Yes I do have a few issues with my birth order. 5 girls, 2 boys. Dad always said if he had known he was going to have 5 girls he would have invested in Kotex.
26. I'm not a candidate for HRT, so I just have to put up with the hot flashes and night sweats (fan please!).
27. I don't drink alcohol. I have been known to take a sip of Asti Spumanti on New Years Eve, but that one sip puts me right to sleep.
28. I don't answer tela-marketer calls. So stop calling me! I don't want new windows or gutters or cable tv.
29. I like old movies. B/W: Bishop's Wife (Cary Grant...aahhhh), Shadow of a Doubt, Rebecca, Laura, Sorry Wrong Number, I could go on and on. And musicals too.... Seven Brides /Seven Brothers, Oklahoma, Fiddler on the Roof, Show Boat, Funny Girl, My Fair Lady. that's enough I guess.
30. Finally, I'm going grey.... and I don't care one bit.

Happy Birthday Kerrie!!


monica said...

Hey, I knew all 30 things about you. I tried to comment earlier but blogger wouldn't let me. I had a blast at TNNA, wish you would have taken me up on the invite.

Rebecca said...

Wow! You and I sound like clones.....if I had the same questions I think our answers would have been identical! Maybe I will copy this and post it on my blog and you can check it out :-)

Shelley said...

Thanks for letting us get to know you a little better.

I'm going grey too...but unlike you, I do mind LOL.