Thursday, June 22, 2006

Some Silly Questions

My husband asked me some silly questions tonight... I was sitting on the couch, working on the Fishermen's Socks. I had my graph on the clipboard with post- it notes to mark my place, just knitting away. He comes over and looks at it and gets that "what is that" look on his face, so I say it's the pattern. See what it looks like knit up, isn't it pretty? He kind of rolls his eyes and walks into the kitchen. And then he asks the "silly questions"... 1. What do you do with all those socks? I wear them, I say. 2. Don't you have enough? NO! 3. Why don't you sell them? Because I made them to fit me, and I wear them. End of conversation. I have offered to teach him to knit, but that's a no go. If I could just get him hooked, he might understand. Or not.
Just a few more inches and the first sock will be done (on the Fishermen's) and I've started it's mate already ( I did have empty needles and another ball of yarn, so, why not?). I'll keep you posted.
Oh, and my finger is much better.


monica said...

"The Socks are for me, me , me" is the answer I give, although Tony never ask such things. And ever since he realized that I wasn't saving any money by knitting my own socks, he would never suggest selling them... he figures who would want to spend that much on a pair of socks.

Rebecca said...

My hubby used to say very similar comments..that is, until I knit him his own pair and now everytime he sees me knitting socks he asks me if they are for him!