Friday, May 19, 2006

OK... So It Isn't Finished

Yes, that's right. The Flamingo Sixth Sense socks aren't done. The reason, my daughter thought she would be generous and share her cold with me. So instead of knitting I have been sneezing, coughing and blowing my nose. How can a girl knit if her hands are busy wiping a runny nose and leaking eyes. Oh the sinus pressure, throbbing head and sore throat. And now I'm out of cold medicine and my box of Kleenex is almost empty (how do we produce that much snot, that's what I want to know). I have deadlines for these KAL's and I am determined to make them!Wish me luck and pray for a speedy recovery. Thanks for listening to my whining, I'm going back to my couch now.


monica said...

Feel better soon. You have socks to knit! Monica

Shelley said...

I do hope you feel better very soon, and that you get a new supply of cold medicine and kleenex!