Saturday, May 13, 2006

More Embroidered Shirts

I have been busy emboirdering t-shirts for myself and my sister. The teal shirt is the one I made my sister for her birthday, the yellow one is mine. And I made this one for Monica today, she knows about it and I will send it to her this week.

I must say the design looks much better on the white then on the grey that I did for myself.

And here is the Latvian sock I mentioned in the earlier post. I'm almost done with the 3rd pattern repeat. I decided to go with a rib cuff (which I prefer) instead of the picot that is written in the pattern. It is looking very nice indeed. IMHO!! Well, I'm calling it a day. More soon!


monica said...

Another package in the mail, I can't wait. I will get one out to you at the beginning of the week too. You are the best!

Shelley said...

The shirts look great!

I can't wait to see the completed sock - looks like a nice pattern.