Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I'm A Test Knitter

I got a package from Monica yesterday with some beautiful yarn she had dyed in it(with some other yarns too). She asked me to test knit it and put it through the wash, so the knitting is underway. The colors remind me of the bright sweet tarts. I just got the Vintage Socks (Nancy Bush) book and I wanted to try one of the patterns, so this is the Child's French Sock.

And this will qualify as lace too, with the YO's at the beginning and end of the little horseshoey design. Isn't it pretty? I love what the design makes the stripes of color do...all zig-zaggy. So I think it will sell, Monica. I would buy it!!


monica said...

Thanks Karen, I don't know if I should say I love it since I dyed it..... but I do. And I love the sock pattern too. You are such a good sock knitter

Rebecca said...

Very pretty, Monica! Please post a progress pic and complete pic in our French Sock folder on the Vintage Socks KAL....with almost 200 members it seems like not many of us are knitting the socks. It would be great encouragement for us, as well as motivation, to see your pics!

trek said...

It is very pretty. Happy test knitting.