Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Flamingo Socks And a Little Tease

I finally finished them up tonight!!! I'm so happy to get these off the needles. It's a nice pattern and makes a nice sock, I just didn't enjoy knitting it. Don't know why, but it just didn't flow off the needles like other socks I've knit.

To Monica: I've started a sock with the yarn you sent me that you dyed. When I get a few pattern repeats on the leg done I will have an unveiling. I will tell you, it is looking loverly so far and it is so soft and wonderful to knit with. I know, I shouldn't tease you so. Isn't the suspense wonderful? ( put in maniacal sisterly laugh).

I'm sure it will be ready to show tomorrow when I get home from work. I won't make you wait too long. And I still need to post my Amazing Lace Intro too, I must work on that. TTFN


monica said...

Oh you are such a tease making me wait to see how this will knit up, but I guess I will just have to wait, or dye some more just like it. I hope you enjoy all the rest of the goodie package too.

Rebecca said...

ewwww-ahhhhh those pink flamingo socks are fabulous! I've been waiting to see how they came out. I haven't really enjoyed knitting this pattern either. In fact, mine are sitting in a basket waiting to be picked up again.