Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Useless Junk?

Kate has posted a contest to see what is put in the cupboard over the fridge; so here is mine. Now you have to understand that once upon a time (some of)these things were useful to me, but I haven't opened this cabinet in YEARS. And as you can see by the dust on top of the fridge I am a poor housefrau. So it looks like I've got a wooden carrier for some pyrex, a wooden bread basket, a wire bread basket with a Jell-O mold thingy in it and a Wilton cake pan (of some sort). Oh look, that's what happened to my Tupperware popsicle maker thingys. A wicker party thing, another Jell-O mold, and more cake pans. Mickey shaped, heart shaped, egg shaped and Christmas tree shaped. Did I EVER use any of that stuff, I think the bread baskets were wedding gifts. Ah, not as interesting as some. But there you have it, for the first time in about 11 years the cabinet contents have been looked at and closed back up again.

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Kate said...

I thought my tupperware popsicle maker thingy was probably in my COTF too, but it wasn't. Mine is still missing in action. I love it!