Thursday, October 26, 2006

Sockret Pal Package

My Pal is international. My package has some cool Australian stamps on it (which I'm going to save). But the best is inside... a ball of Jigsaw sock yarn (I've already cast on) in wonderful, vibrant colors, a set of Quill DPN's ( made in New Zealand, they are plastic and very bendy and have the Jigsaw yarn on them), a onesie hank of an unknown yarn, an Australian magazine called Yarn (some great patterns in it too... baby sweater with 4 different fairisle band designs, a crocheted canteen purse..that has my daughter's and nieces' name all over it), 2 single teas (which will be nice with this cold and sore throat I've got), a cute note pad, and a little pack of vegemite (help, what is this? I don't know what to do with it). What a great Pal I have!! Thank you so much!! It totally made my day (better).

Blogger is being a pain. First I can't get on my blog at all and now it won't let me upload the picture. AHHHHHHH!!!! Finally after about 8 attempts it finally loaded.


monica said...

Lucky, Lucky you. What a great parcel. I love the yarn and I want to see the inside of the magazine. Make sure you bring it at Thanksgiving. Put that vegemite on buttered toast or bread.

wendy said...

vegemite is very aussie! Here in England we have marmite which is similar - it is a savoury spread made from yeast but it is impossible to describe as there is NOTHING like it! Here in England marmite is advertised as you either love it or hate it and that seems about right, there is no middle ground.
I like to eat mine on hot toast, in sandwiches or on a crumpet....not sure if you have crumpets in the US?

Beck said...

Definitely try the Vegemite, but like Wendy said, you will either love it or hate it. A tip, make sure you use margarine/butter - it makes it better I think. Also don't spread it thick like you would peanut butter. As for crumpets, I haven't seen them over here Wendy and I've been searching!!