Monday, October 23, 2006

It's "My So Called Scarf"

There has been very little (no) sock knitting going on since Thursday night. That's when I started a scarf...a scarf I really thought I would have done by now. You see, the woman I work with had a birthday yesterday and I had intended to gift it to her today. But that didn't happen and probably won't happen for a couple more days. This thick yarn and size 10.5 needles are killing my hands, my fingers ache (wwaaaaaa). I'm knitting this pattern in' Teseo in the black/grey/cream colorway. The yarn is fluffy and thick and is knitting up beautifully, but my fingers are hating it. I've got 30" so far and I will try to put a few more on before I go to bed. I really need it to grow faster, because I would much rather have some size 1's in my hands. Well, that's all the
(complaining) knitting I have for right now. Hopefully, I'll have socks next time.


monica said...

That is knitting up beautifully. I am not going to meet my goal for the day either. I am tired so I will have to try to get the stocking done tomorrow.

tatt3r said...

It's a beautiful scarf! I sympathize with the large needles, tnough. I was knitting with #10s recently, and couldn't wait to get back to my socks. Can't understand a knitter who doesn't like socks!

Shelley said...

The scarf is looking great, and I am sure the recipient will love it! Hope your hands feel better soon!