Sunday, September 03, 2006

This Is What Happens....

... to empty needles!! Since I finished two pair of socks lastweek and had empty needles (which is a sin) I filled them back up. The first pair is Gentlemen's Fancy Socks from Knitting Vintage Socks. I changed the pattern somewhat because I don't need to shape for my calves ( I don't knit my legs that long). So I started with 68 stitches and stuck with that count. I'm knitting them in some lovely Trekking #109, blues/purples. The colors are beautiful but I can never seem to get a good picture of the design. I'm contiuing the pattern down the foot.

The second pair I've started is in a pretty eyelet lace design I found in a book I checked out from the library. I chose the book because it has mitten patterns in it but they are all color work and I'm not going to try that on my first pair of mittens. There are some nice glove (which I'm not ready for yet), sock, and hat patterns in here I want to try too (even though I don't spin my own yarn I will still be able to use the patterns). I'm knitting these in Lorna's Sock Red. I'm not taking the lace down the foot on these. 72 stitches on US 1's.

I'm still working on Monica's socks (the second one is growing). The Razor Shell sock had to be ripped (it was just too big), I will restart it with one maybe two less pattern repeats.
I hope everyone is having a good holiday weekend. More later!


Shelley said...

The socks are great! I especially love the blue/purple shades in the first picture! What a pretty pattern in the second pair!

monica said...

Love the socks. Glad to see you remebered the lesson regarding empty needles. Very good grasshopper.