Saturday, September 09, 2006

My Socks Are "Civic Minded"

That's what Aija dubbed them in her comment earlier this week (and I think it fits them very well). I knit on the second sock during breaks and at lunch the 1st and 2nd days (of jury duty), the 3rd day they didn't see much action. Here are the particulars:
Gentleman's Fancy Socks - Knitting Vintage Socks (NB)
68 stitches
US 1 dpn's
Trekking XXL #109
And even though the name has "gentleman" in it, they are for me.
So, now I will work on the second red sock and Monica's sock to get those done.
More later.


Amanda Cathleen said...

Love your Civic Minded socks! Great colors. I've been wanting to knit these socks for myself, and have finally found some yarn it would look good in! I just hope they will fit my feet w/o to much modifing.
PS found your blog though the knitting vintage socks along

Ginger said...

Very cool socks! This pattern is one of the ones I'll be knitting for the "Holiday Knitting '06". I hope mine end up looking half as nice.

monica said...

They look great. Glad the jury duty is over. So far Tony has not had to go.

aija said...

They look great! I love that trekking colorway, too.

Rebecca said...

Very nice! I KNEW you could get them done on your jury duty stint! I really enjoyed knitting this pattern, too. Great job!

Shelley said...

These socks look great, and I especially LOVE LOVE LOVE the colours!

lexa said...

Very nice! Beautiful colors!

Tammy said...

What is your secret to being so
productive and getting so many
socks completed. Are do you knit
very fast? I so admire all your
socks. I wish I could crank out
the many pairs you do. They are all
so pretty, patterns and colors!
I'm on a sock KAL with you, and enjoy reading your blog.

Teri said...

Very pretty socks, Karen. I love the colors!