Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Snow Day and Who's Got the Button

So, I drop the girl child off at school at 6:45am and an hour later the school district decides the weather is too bad and they are closing for the day. It is now 9:25 and the bus still has not brought her home. I will be a little more patient before I call the transportation office. It is very hilly here in our neck of the woods, so please Lord, no accidents.
On to the button thing. If anyone reading this can tell me how to capture the cute little buttons so many of you have on your blogs and get them on my blog I would appreciate it. TIA!
I'm working on the heel flap of the Rib and Cable sock and I'm on the gusset decreases on the Cherry Tree Hill sock. So, progress continues. I'm still deciding what to put on those empty needles. More later.
Have a safe day and wear your wooly socks!!

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Miss Tonia said...

It took me a few to figure it out, too. To make buttons, I found ACME label maker at www.acme.com. You create your button, save it to your computer. To put it on your blog, you'll need to join a photo hosting site (I use photobucket.com)and up load it their server, and it will give you the html and url codes that you need. Then you can add it to the template of your blog.