Saturday, March 18, 2006

Can't Show but Do Tell

I have just finished the secret socks for my daughter. I will post a picture of them after I have given them to her (her birthday is 4/11). I have made some progress on the second sock in the Cherry Tree Hill and I have re-re-restarted the Rib and Cable Socks (they look like a more promising fit this time).
So, now I have an empty set of size 1's (and my sister(Monica) says it's a sin to have empty needles, and she is my knitting guru so I have to follow her teachings). What to start? I will have to see what yarn and pattern talks the loudest to me. I'll keep you posted.


Nicola said...

Hey! Love the new blog! Such sock-ful goodness! Love the reticulated pattern from SKS.

monica said...

Thanks for the e mail I thought I was going to have to wait until her B-day to see those cheerful socks. Monica

Shelley said...

Can't wait to see what pattern and yarn colour you choose! Your sister is right...can't keep empty needles lying around!