Monday, March 27, 2006

As Promised

Here they are together. Sorry about the poor quality of the photo but it was 1:30am.


monica said...

I just love them. I might have to make a pair of those too.

Shelley said...

Those are so cute!!

I've put up a pic (or will be as soon as I finish the post...just wanted to make sure I got your link correct so that I can link you up in my post) of my first pair of baby socks and thought you mignt want to see them.

Ashley said...

Love the booties. I've been meaning to make laces for a pair of booties I've been making for awhile but I don't like trying to weave the ends into chain stitches... I never would have thought to use an i-cord though. You've made my day.

Oh, and I found your blog off the Knit Ohio ring, in case you were wondering.

Ashley said...

I ended up completely going back on the whole i-cord idea after trying to do it. The pattern I had called for 14 to 16 inches of crocheted chain, and I didn't think I could handle 14 to 16 inches of i-cord. That and I was just afraid they'd be too think. It was brilliant, I'm just too horribly lazy. Especially for charity projects. Thanks though.