Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Lather, Rinse,Repeat..aka: Knit, Rip, Repeat

I'm beginning to think my yarn wraps should read like a shampoo bottle. I was to the heel flap on the Rib and Cable Socks and thought I better try it on, and of course it didn't fit. So I ripped that baby, restarted it with 66 stitches on size 2's... too big. Ripped it again, re-restarted with 60 stitches on size 2's .... didn't like the way it looked stretched...so ripped it again. I will restart this again, and I think it will be with 70 stitches on size 1's. I love Nancy Bush's designs, but I don't have skinny feet and legs. And at 2am my mind doesn't want to do math to figure out how I need to change a pattern to fit my full figure feet!! There is nothing else to report and no new pictures. So as the Weasley twins say in GOF, "Everybody go back to their knitting".

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brooke t. higgins said...

Look at all those socks! I guess you weren't kidding. Keep up the excellent work!