Wednesday, August 22, 2007

TAG....I'M IT!!!!

I received my teams DishRag Tag box today. This box has seen better days, let me tell ya. Laurie from Indiana knit me a lovely dishcloth (and I will do the same, I hope, for Lois), and sent me a card to keep track of my needles and a Dove chocolate bar (my favorite), and what I thought at first was a Reese's cup (another favorite) but is a lavender bath thingy. Ok, I'm off to knit a dishcloth for Lois!! I'll update on my socks next post! KNIT ON!!!


monica said...

Still waiting to be tagged. There is another person in front of me still. Can't wait to see the socks.

sue said...

What a nice dishrag parcel. I am still waiting on my team to send me mine so I can join in.

~Tonia~ said...

How exciting. What a great package. So which color ae you using?