Sunday, August 26, 2007

Mandy Has The Back To School Blues

Monday is the first day of school for my girl. She is a Senior! How did that happen? This will be a very busy year for her (us). I thought I was getting no sleep already...I don't know how I'm going to make it through this early morning stuff again.

The Trekking socks are done! Monica gave me this yarn last month (she was going to knit a pair of socks for me with it, but gave it to me to knit instead). I knit them plain with 68 stitches on size 1 dpn's.
I think I will work on the CTH Serengeti socks now and finish those up this month. And Mandy wants me to knit the second Lorna's sock because the first one fits her "perfectly".

And I liked the dishcloth I knit for Lois
so well, I knit one exactly like it for myself.
Still no progress on the MS3. I've decided to make it symmetrical so I will have to knit the other half and graft them together (that is, after I finish the first half). That's all the news that I have right now. Have a great week.
You have till Friday to enter a contest at Hollyarn for some very pretty here ...leave a comment and mention you saw it here. Cool!
Wow there are so many blog contests going on ... here is another one. GoldenPurl wants to know what dates are important to you...don't forget to mention you saw it here.


~Tonia~ said...

Oh no not going back to school. Hopefully she will take the time and enjoy her Senior year. It really does go by quick.

The sock and wash cloth looks great.

Hopefully you will adjust to the early mornings quickly.

Janice said...

Soak her in as much as you can this year!! Before you know it she'll be off to college... (sniff sniff)

Your sock and dishcloth are great! I haven't tried the Trekking yarn yet..

monica said...

I am glad I gave it to you instead of knitting it for you, who knows when you would have gotten a pair of socks if I hadn't.
That is a nice looking cloth, I should get the box today or tomorrow from my team :) I will decide on the pattern when I see the colors. Hope this headache goes away so I can get it knit as quickly as you did yours.

Diane said...

One pair down and 2 more to go! **grin**

Lots to do in your senior year. Hope she has a wonderful time before she heads off to the adult world.