Friday, August 31, 2007

Busy Week

I have finished my last pair of socks for August. These are my CTH Serengeti socks knit with my sister's pattern she designed for the new CTH Sockittome yarn. It is another great pattern (she is so talented, and I love being her test knitter!). I started them on 6/27 and finished them 8/31 (not the longest time it's taken me to finish a pair of socks). So this makes 6 pair for SOS2007, 15 pair for 52 PP, takes care of Project Spectrum (so did the previous 2 pair), and this is the 24th pair for the year (4 more and I tie last years record...I think I will be breaking it though).

And after completing my round of DishRag Tag, the dishcloth craze continued. I finally finished the Ballband dishcloth I started last year along with three new ones (now if I could just get someone other than myself to use them, I'd have it made).
I'm looking forward to my three day weekend (lots of knitting time). Have a great Labor Day weekend everyone and be safe. More later!


~Tonia~ said...

The socks look great.

Yeah I made dish cloths/wash cloths for my Mom and MIL for Christmas and neither of them uses them for the intended purpose. They are used as decorations instead. *Sigh* Maybe your family is afraid to ruin all your hard work. ;)

Diane said...

Making dishcloths is like eatting potato chips; once you start you just can't stop.

Your socks are really pretty. What's up next?

Janice said...

I love all the dishcloths! I, too, get addicted to making them now and then. Nothing like a little immediate gratification with a finished project in just a short amount of time!!! the sock is lovely as well.. Monica is a talented designer!!! said...

Hi Karen,
love the dish cloths, I have so much leftover yarn that I must start knitting them. I have knitted the white cotton ones but yours look fun.