Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Summer Of Socks - Week 1

With the start up of Summer of Socks back on the 21st, I put 2 OTN's right away. The first is knit in Fleece Artist Seashore in this pattern. It knits up very quickly and I had it memorized in no time at all. I'm going to get this first sock done this week too.

The second pair I started is in Lorna's Laces Sock - Vera. I'm using a pattern my sister Monica designed. You can't see the design very well in this colorway, but it is very pretty, not too complicated (but very interesting to knit), and easy to memorize too.

And on Sunday I added another sock to the mix. It is my normal plain sock (68 stitches on US1 dpn's) in Trekking color #33. I thought since the 4th is next week I should do something patriotic (and I do have the yarn...). And do you see that? in the picture? about 4" in on the leg and again just after the heel and on the foot? It's the beginning of the repeat I started the sock with!!! Trekking with a pattern repeat (I know they have some, but this is my first skein that does)!!! Be still my OCD (have to have stripes matching socks) heart!!! When things like this happen, life is good. See how little is takes to please me? I've started the second (woo hoo) and didn't have to waste a lot of yarn to get to the starting point.

And being the joiner (glutton for punishment) that I am, I signed up for the Mystery Stole 3. Here is my test swatch (in Knit Picks Gossamer - Sunrise). I have another lace yarn (Knit Picks Shadow-Sunset, not as many hanks as the one in the picture though) that I might use instead. It's more solid. Melanie used 780yds for hers...I have 880yds of the solid (I have 1760yds of the variegated). I wonder if I should press my luck. I haven't had much luck lately, so maybe I shouldn't. So here is a picture of my choices. Which do you think I should use? Both would be pretty. Oh, and it starts tomorrow with the first clue.
Well, I think I've covered everything for now. Have a great weekend! More later.
PS: Go on over to Ali's, she's having a contest that involves a prize of yarn!


~Tonia~ said...

The socks are looking great.

I like the more solid burgandy color. But I like that color, so I guess I am a little bias that way.

monica said...

I kind of like the swatch. I like the colors. I am of no help in this matter. and you have enough to make 2 of them in that yarn one for me and one for you :) Your socks look wonderful I have some red,white and blue yarn here somewhere, but I don't think I could get a pair done in time for the 4th and the 90 degree weather.

Diane said...

Love the socks.

I'm going to use the knitpicks alpaca lace weight yarn for my MS3. Are you beading?

sue said...

Wow 3 pairs of socks at the one time. I never knit more than one pair at a time although I do have other projects on the needles at the same time. I love both colors you are considering for the shawl but I think the solid color would show the pattern up more clearly. Good luck with the decision making for it, and I cant wait to see how many pairs of socks you finish.