Thursday, June 14, 2007

Back To Socks

I finished the Regia Cotton Surf socks tonight. These will be gifted later this year (am I good or what?...getting something done months in advance). So, they are my standard 68 stitches on US1 dpn's and they match perfectly! (yet again).

I have also got a pair of ankle socks going for my son (he will be 22 on July 3rd). His favorite color is black so of course the yarn I'm using is black. Trekking 188 shades of black/grey. I like this yarn a lot. I've knit the 2 x 2 cuffs 1-1/2" long, the foot from heel to tip of toe is 10". These fit right in with Project Spectrum. I should have this pair done soon.

Speaking of Project Spectrum... I've resurrected my Edelweiss socks. The second sock is finally cast on but I'm making slow progress on it (I seem to have too many choices to work on right now).
And now I have more empty needles, so of course I want to cast on a new pair!
Have a great weekend! More later


Deb said...

Oh, I really like that Trekking. I'll have to go searching for it for Mr. It's a good man sock color. Nice job.

monica said...

Those are so Kaitlin she is going to love them And you are good, almost 4 months before her birthday. I love CJ 's too. I don't think I have that Trekking, I thought i did. It is all wonderful

~Tonia~ said...

They all look so nice. Way to go on finishing the pair early. Now you can knit whatever socks you want. ;)

Love the Trekking. I haven't seen that color before. Humm might have to go on a hunt.

Alisha said...

Great socks all around!!

Impressive to have a gift all ready months ahead of time!! I need to take some lessons from you!

Shelley said...

Great job on the socks and the hats in the previous post! I keep telling myself I should make some ankle socks (either for myself or some for kids), but I never think of it until I'm part way finished a pair. Then I say, 'Ok, the next pair will be ankle socks.' - only I don't think of Do ankle socks count for SAM3?

sue said...

All those socks look great, and it looks as though you knit them as quickly as hats too. Great work.

Kathy said...

Oh yes you are good! Months in advance is so impressive. Lovely just lovely and they look cozy.