Thursday, May 17, 2007

Taking Stock

Added on 5/18/07, 8:45pm

The orange Trekking socks are done (finished at work this afternoon). Stats: Crosshatch Lace pattern from More SKS, 72 stitches on leg on size US0 dpn's, 68 stitches on foot on size US1 dpn's. Oh so pretty and they fit great. Here they are just hanging out in the azalea (and a few thistle).

Deb offered up a challenge yesterday after reading Carole's blog. Kind of a "flash your sock yarn stash" thing. How many pair of socks would you be able to knit from your current stash. I too, am no match for Carole's 80 pair, but I did beat out Deb. As of last night, I could knit42 pair of socks. 2 balls didn't make it into that ball of STR and Bearfoot. This count does not include the 6 pair I have OTN. I just did some calculating and it seems I have just enough to finish the 52 Pair Plunge (that doesn't mean that I won't be buying more when the budget allows, ;) if you know what I mean). So conduct your own "spring sock yarn inventory" and let us know "what condition your condition is in".

In sock knitting news...the orange Trekking socks are nearing completion (just a few more inches) and the second Opal Magic (turquiose) sock has been started and the leg is almost done. I will post pics of those upon completion. Have a great Thursday. More later!


Alisha said...

Sadly my inventory is three balls of sock yarn...probably do three pairs of adult and a pair of mismatched kid socks.

I am drooling over your stash there!!!

One day I will be the proud owner of a stash like that LOL

Deb said...

Thanks for playing. Kind of fun to know that *IF* they stopped selling sock yarn today, you'd be safe for a while ;-)!!

Kathy said...

Oh Karen!!

I have to print your stash and show it to DH. Mine is NOTHING compared to yours.
I have some lornas lace Bee stripes yarn.
I have a dark trekking that i must wait for lots of sunlight to knit in.
I have some WICK for a larger guage sock.
I have trekking on the needles now.

Al has NO sock yarn stash. She's got Socks that rock on the needles now.

monica said...

Love your stash and I know some of those are for me..... right. I will ahve to look at mine and do a count later on.

monica said...

OH, your socks are lovely, did you make them to fit a size 10 foot?? :)

~Tonia~ said...

Wow look at all that sock yarn. One can never have too much sock yarn. ;)

The trekking socks came out wonderful!