Sunday, May 27, 2007

2 More Hats Off The Needles

Edited on 5/29/07: Ok, make that 3. I finished another hat this morning. I've knit this one in Caron Simply Soft Mango with some Squiggle thrown in with it. This hat is so cute! My co-worker has asked me to knit one for her cousin's new baby boy. I'm thinking lime green with a different Squiggle I have.

I knit another of the Vine Lace Baby Hats in Caron Sport-Thunder Blue. I think I've mastered this pattern and will move on. I knit it exactly like the green one in the previous post.

I also knit this Cable Rib Hat in Wool Ease-Red Sprinkles. Mandy agreed to model it. Relaxed it measures 18" but it stretches out nicely. It's supposed to fit a 2-6 year old but it also fits a 17 year old.

More knitting as it comes off the needles!


monica said...

You are becomming the hat lady. Those look great. I really like the red one.

~Tonia~ said...

Very lovely. You are whipping those hats up very quick.

Just so you know my 2 year old has a 19" head so it should fit the 2-6 year range nicely.

Shelley said...

All the hats are awesome!

monica said...

You really are a hat lady. That last one is very cute.

Alisha said...

I love these hats...great job!!!