Saturday, June 06, 2009


...that I haven't forgotten how to knit socks. I started this pair in late December or early January and got to the toe decreases on the first sock and put it down. It has been staring at me from the footstool since then, wanting to be finished. So, I finished it (and its mate). But I have to admit when I was starting the kitchner on the first toe I had to question myself about remembering the steps. This is Cascade 220 Superwash in a pretty heathery green/blue, 40 stitches on US 2 dpns.

These and this are also PROOF that I DO finish what I start.
A dishcloth started - I have no idea anymore. Lovely lace diamond pattern...can't wait to use it.
I am also working on finishing a couple more dishcloths I started about the same time I started this one.
The Tam is close to done and the Mead Scarf has grown some too.
Have a great weekend! Happy Knitting!!


monica said...

So glad you haven't forgotten how to knit socks. they look great and I am sure the boy will love them

Caroline said...

Your last post epitomizes why I like reading other people's blog...reassurance that I'm not alone. I've done the exact same thing with socks. I'll finish one, forgot about the second one for a while, and when I'm ready to come back, I can't remember what "great" alterations I made on the first one. (LOL) Your finished products always look great, however, and mine are sometimes a little questionable.

Diane said...

Well now I feel like I have to finish stuff. I've got so many things in progress it's mind boggling and since I can't make up my mind on what to work on I just cast on more. Oooo that's what happens when you have so many needles. lol