Saturday, May 23, 2009


Two posts in the same month and within a week of each must be a miracle.

Last year sometime (and I'm just guessing here) between January and March, I started a scarf that I never blogged about. I decided to work on a UFO today and pulled this out of the basket (it's really a plastic container). I'm using a sock yarn I bought at a local wool festival many years ago. No ballband, I just know that it is 100% Merino Wool that needs to be hand washed. I'm using a US 4 Addi Turbo. This is the Mead Scarf by Elizabeth Morrison (linked to Ravelry). I put a couple more repeats on it today, so it's growing!
I did a count today; I have 24 UFOs. I must work on this.

I also started a hat this week. This pattern can be found in the Fons and Porter Love of Knitting Summer 2009 magazine. The Petal Tam: Trekking XXL (I lost the ballband so I don't know the color #), on US 2 needle. I have started this yarn in about 4 or 5 sock patterns over the last few years and never liked any of them, I think it's making a very pretty "tam".
I hope everyone is having a safe and fun holiday weekend. I love that I still have two more days off!!!! Happy Knitting!


Dawn said...

Your scarf will be so pretty when it's done Karen! Love the hat too! Take care and don't worry about the UFO's, they'll be patient! LOL!

monica said...

What lovelies glad to see you knitting again. The blue yarn must be the same as the pink and purple that I got at the festival, no label on that either.

Diane said...

Geeze now I'm going to feel pressured to blog more often too. LOL. Love your in progress stuff. Isn't it funny how you want a skein of yarn to be one thing (socks) when it really wants to be something else (tam). If only the yarn would just tell you right off the bat what it was destin to be instead of making you knit and frog.