Sunday, September 14, 2008

No Gold For Me

Here we are well past the end of the Olympics and I didn't finish let alone medal. I did get to the neckline of the back and I have the desire to complete C.J.'s sweater (and I'm hoping it will be in time for Christmas), so UFOlympics wasn't a complete failure for me. When I got it out to knit at the beginning of the Olympics the piece was at 12 inches, it is now 21 inches.

I did finish my nieces' socks (yes this pair is late for her birthday). I actually finished these last weekend (I am just such a slacker at blogging this year). This is Hot Socks Sockenwolle in color # 772. This was one of the first yarns I purchased when I started knitting socks, so it has been marinating for a while in the stash. I will have to mail them off on Monday (Monica, expect a package this week from me).

And I also finished one of my "Step Into Summer" socks too. This is being knit in Panda Cotton in the Seascape colorway. This is very splitty yarn but very comfortable on the foot. The second sock hasn't been cast on yet, but it will be very soon. And Mandy wants me to finish her "Bengal" socks (I only started them last year, what's up with that?)

I knit and sent off a square for Luke ...mine is the red "4 square" one (have you ever felt that compulsion to just do something after reading a heart wrenching story about a sick child... well I know many(if not all) of you have...knitters are a very caring and generous bunch and we rally when called upon).
I have started on some Christmas knitting (besides C.J's sweater) with hopes of actually finishing it in time. I have high hopes it seems.
Well that's it for now. Hopefully my next entry won't be so far away.


Shelley said...

The socks are looking great. Good for you at working on the sweater and making it grow! I started a kids sweater (maybe a size 1 or 2..I forget) before I headed of for Korea last year and I didn't take it with me. I'm going to have to dig it up (if I can find it again) and get back to work on it and put it on/under the mitten tree at church this year...that is if I can remember where I was in the pattern once I do get Currently I'm working on a scarf. I just started that on the weekend and have quite a bit done - it's a pretty quick and easy knit. Picture on my blog of how much it was knit yesterday afternoon.

Diane said...

It isn't about the medal it's just a honor to be able to compete. The sweater will look great no matter when you finish it.

I love your socks ... as always. I hate splitty yarn.

monica said...

I am sure CJ is happy to see you knitting on that sweater. I no he is anxious to get to wear it.

Little Miss is going to love those socks with all that orangy goodness.

Your Step into Summer socks look so pretty in that color.

Christmas knitting .... I need to start that too. I have a few B-days to squeeze in there though.