Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I Don't Like Ike

Ike blew through on Sunday and caused a lot of trouble (and damage). We lost the big Blue Spruce at the corner of our house (totally uprooted). Thank goodness it fell forward and not toward the house or our neighbor's house (or on their van that you can see through the branches).

And one of the White Pines that line the back edge of our back yard was split in two.

And what would a storm of that magnitude be without some damage to the house. Panels are missing from the eaves and of course lots of shingles are missing. There were times when we thought the roof was coming off.

We finally have phone service back and the electricity was off for just a little bit (some folks still don't have electricity), we are one of the lucky ones. My work doesn't have power yet so I've had a couple of days off.

I hope everyone is safe that has been affected by this storm. Now comes the clean up!


CraftyGryphon said...

Glad you were (mostly) unscathed, and that nothing fell on your house, and only some things fell off!

monica said...

Ike packed a punch didn't he. That is a long way to travel from the gulf coast.
Glad you are alright

Diane said...

I've got relatives in Mentor and I didn't realize how much Ike effected Ohio until just yesterday. I'm glad that your damage was minimum but boy that must have been a wild ride for a while.

Shelley said...

Oh, so glad everyone is alright and there wasn't too much damage. I'll bet you're some glad Ike took a hike now!

Caroline said...

Wow! Ike really did throw a big punch. It's hard to imagine how huge that storm was. Sad about your tree, but I guess that's getting off easy compared to losing an entire house. It's still daunting to think of all that clean-up.

monica said...

you have been nominated for the I love Your blog award by moi