Saturday, April 12, 2008

My Baby Turned 18 Yesterday

It was my plan to do this post yesterday (on her birthday), but life got in the way. Here is a collage of pictures of her through the last 18 years. I can't believe how fast it's gone. She will graduate high school the end of May and start college in the fall.

She had a scavenger hunt party with her girlfriends last night. They had a blast (can I just tell you, 8 teenage girls are very loud, but very fun). Here is the cake I made for them (I'm making another for the family get together today). Her friends are so sweet...they told me when they go to other birthday parties they don't eat the cake there, they only eat mine because it is so good (I have ruined their tastebuds for anything else but mine). I'll post a picture of the family cake after I have it all done. Have a great day and weekend. I'm going to go bake a cake!
Here is the family cake (on the left...with the "happy birthday" candles). I think it looks much nicer than my first cake. Everyone had a good time and it was sad when my sister and her family left (Mandy always cries).


Caroline said...

Awww! I felt my eyes sting a little reading your post. My baby is sixteen and I think I'll be doing a little crying as that graduation milestone comes closer. I'll have to comfort myself by planning how her room would make the perfect craft room...just kidding. I'll let her keep it through college...I think.

Kathy said...

Very fun cake. WOW. My babies are 20, 17 and Huck, is 10. I find reminiscing sad. I tend to avoid it. My parents LOVE to look at their children's pictures/films of long ago. I simply can't. Weird huh?

monica said...

It is always wonderful to come over for a visit. And the time just seems to fly by. The cake was yummy.
Benjamin is wearing his socks today and they fit great. Lauren wore her mitts all the way home : ) And Kaitlin loves her hat.

Shelley said...

Happy birthday to Mandy!!

Debby said...

The collage is wonderful. Your baby turned 18 yesterday and my granddaughter turned 20 Wednesday. Talk about feeling old...I can't believe she is so grown now. They all grow up toooo fast.

Cindy said...

They grow up way too fast, don't they!? I still think of my daughter as my baby, and now she has her own baby!!
The cakes were beautiful and it sounds like she had a fun b-day!