Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I've Been Lucky Lately

Posted 7/27/07.

Yes indeedy! I won a contest over at affiknitty and Laura sent me this lovely yarn... I can't wait to knit with it (but I want to get some of the other things OTN's off first).

And I also won the "Bingo" contest at Woven ~ n ~ Spun. Kimberly is sending me some pretty stitch markers and a bracelet row counter that she and her kids made. How cool is that!?! I will post a picture as soon as I receive them!

And I finished my LL Vera "Georgetown's". Monica wrote a wonderful pattern and knit hers in LL Georgetown, so that's how we refer to it. I love being her test knitter (and proofreader). I have some very nice socks out of this arrangement (he he he).

And Monica was so happy to finally get the email that said the pressie she ordered for me was finally sent. She knew I was having trouble with the short regular Addi Turbo needle I'm using for my MS3, so she got me a longer Addi Lace needle (it is taking it's sweet ole time getting here, so no pic of that yet). It came in today's mail (Picture added at 2:40 7/27/07) YIPEE!!!!!

Well after being without the internet for most of the week, I'm so happy I can be surfing (and posting) again. I will post more pictures when the items arrive. That's it for now. Have a good weekend!


monica said...

I am so glad the needles finally came. I think the MS3 cleared out every one's supply of them. Your socks are loverly, it is hard to see the pattern in the picture but that is okI know what they look like. See you Sunday!

Kathy said...

Great Bloggy Lucky you are having. Lovely yarn skein. But the bracelet from Kimberly is so neat. She is my picnic swap pardner, and I've already given a HUGE hint that I'd need one of them on a picnic for sure.
BINGO was a great idea eh?

Kathy said...

BOB EVANS for a postcard! oh yes oh yes. Great idea. It is getting harder to find them these days unless you are at a musuem etc. Even our Walgreens gave up carrying them.

Hope you send one

Diane said...

Well, well, well .... yes you have been lucky lately. What yummy stuff you have there!

sue said...

What pretty socks, and I love the colorway too. Isnt it annoying when you dont have a needle long enough for a project, or another pair to knit something you need to right then. The yarn you received is gorgeous too and you are so good to wait until you knit with it.

Sourire11 said...

Oooh that cider moon is so pretty! That has to be my fav. yarn... Cant wait to see what you knit with it!