Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Double Duty

This pair of socks is pulling double duty. It covers UFO Resurrection and SAM3. I give you the completed Cable and Rib socks (Nancy Bush IK Fall 2005). The stats are as follows: Regia 4-ply 5033, Leg: 70 stitches, Foot: 68 stitches, Started: can't remember, Finished: 3/6/07.

I also finished the first of my Socktopia March socks..."It Isn't Easy Being Green" (Seduction) socks. And as you can see, I have cast on the second (no SSS for me, thank you very much). Hopefully I'll have this pair done by the end of the week.
So that's what I've been up to lately. Just my normal obsessive sock knitting. I'll be sending my SockretPal her last package tomorrow, so as soon as I know she's received it I will post a picture of the socks I knit her. I hope they fit her and she loves them. Please love them. Ok, I'll obsess about that privately. I am so my mother's daughter! More later, promise.


~Tonia~ said...

Man you do crank out the socks don't you. LOL I am sure that your Sockret pal will love the socks that you made her.

Lovely socks!

monica said...

I love them, she can send them to me if needed. Your socks look beautiful as usual. I think I am going to have to make the seduction socks. I really like those.

Kathy said...

Of course she'll love them. WHO wouldnt? They are wonderful. I cannot wait to see the pair you get

Shelley said...

Great job on both pairs of socks! I'm sure your sockretpal will love her socks :o)

Peevish said...

Pretty! what yarn did you use?